About Company

Please tell me something of your company history.

Great Wall Co.ltd established in 1984. It was organized by all veterans at the very beginning and turned to be private since 1991. Thre are 1500 employees. We are exporting to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and so on which stretched to more than 100 countries. Our main products are Industrial Rubber sheet, Flooring mat, livestock mat, and other customized products according to the customer’s request.

Is your company governmental or private?

It was governmental from1984 – 1991,and turned to be private after 1991.

How many employees in your company?How many for production,and how many office people?

12000 in total,1200 for production,and 100 office people.

What’s your production capacity? How many containers do you export every month?

We can produce 150 tons each day,and for exporting,100 containers around.

What’s your annual sales volume?

Around 35 millions US dollar.

What’s the percent rate of Domestic and Export?

Domestic 40%,and export 60%.

Which countries are your exporting to?What’s main market?

Our product exported to many countries all of the world,and by now,our main market are North America,Europe,South America,and South Africa.

What kind of exhibition does your company normally attend?

In domestic,we attend Canton fair two times every year,and some other professional rubber shows some times in Shanghai.Abroad,we attend  kinds of rubber tires show,rubber and plastic shows,and mining shows.We have already attended to Germany,Australia,Sounth Africa,Brazil,Agentina,Russia,and America and so on.

How many machines do you have?

We have 70 rotocure machines and 40 press machines.

What certificate have you passed?

Our factory has passed ISO9001.Our product has passed reach standard testing,and EVPU certificate.

About Order

How do you treat the claims?

We have different solutions on different problems.First we will discusss with customer,and see if they can accept to be sold as discount product,and we will bear the price different lost and other cost will be happened.If it’s really can’t be sold,we will replace the goods for customers or deduct the value in next order.

How do you control the market?

Our sales system is divided by area.Certain people will care certain countries market.In addition,we are using the ERP to avoid this.

How do you treat the claims?

We have different solutions on different problems.

First we will discusss with customer,and see if they can accept to be sold as discount product,and we will bear the price different lost and other cost will be happened.

If it’s really can’t be sold,we will replace the goods for customers or deduct the value in next order.

Which customers do you have in our country?And what kind of good conditions you offered to them?

I’m sorry,I can’t answer you..We promised customer to be confidential for our cooperation.

About Production

How often do you inspect your products?

For physical testing,we test every batch,it’s about every one hundred meters.

For the surface and size,we check every roll after production and before warehousing.

Can you print our logo on the rubber sheet or package bags?

Yes,we can.You can send us your designed logo information to us,we can vulcanize the logo on the rubber sheet or print on the package bags.Of course,this needs a little bit extra cost,I will quota you the cost later when you can confirmed the logo information.

How do you control your production process?

It includes the vulcanization time,temperature and speed.We have special people to control the vulcanize temperature,and professional people to control the press and time according to different products.

How do you deal with your unqualified products?

According to the problems,normally we have two ways:one is selling as discount products,second is to destroy directly.The inspection department will measure it and make decision.

How do you deal with the unqualified raw material?

Because most of our raw material suppliers are near to us,so on the unqualified products,normally we will send back and ask them to replace.

How many tons does your mixing room can mix one day? and what’s the qualified rate?

We can mix 180 tons each day, and the finished product can be 150 tons. The 30 tons unqualified includes scraps and unqualified products. Totally to say, the qualified is 95%.

How do you reduce the smell?

According to the different products,we can use odor absorber and perfume to cover the smell on low grade product,and use more pure rubber on high grade products.

How to control the metal in the rubber?

Frankly to say,it’s very difficult to guarantee 100% for any manufacture on the reclaim grade rubber,but what we are doing is using magnetic selecting and fine the material.

How do you maintain your molds?

Firstly, you see we have brushes in every drum, these can keep cleaning the mold daily, additionally, we have special people to clean and polishing termly.

How long will take you if I invest a new mold?

According to the pattern, for example, smooth mold two weeks, and pattern mold needs about 6 weeks.

How is the proportion of the products in your factory distributed? For example, how many industrial rubber sheets distributed, or how many high-grade sheets?

We have four main series: Industrial rubber sheet; Flooring mat; livestock mat and customized product.The percent is:40%,25%,25%,10%.

What’s the min thickness does your machine can produce? and the max-width?

Min thickness is 0.4mm for our machine.Max width is 2 meters.

How do you control your quality?

We inspect three steps:raw material inspection,during production inspection and before warehousing inspection.

About Transportation

What’s your product guarantee period?

Under the condition in the warehouse,we can guarantee two years no cracks even on our lowest grade product.On used products,it should depend on the using condition.

Does the bad weather,like snow and rain will affect the quality during loading the container?

We try to avoid to load in such kind of weather,but if it’s necessary,we will arrange to load in the warehouse or workshop,but it’s not happening often.

What’s your delivery time?

Normally,for the first order,standard products will be 3 weeks after receiving the deposit.When the orders can be continuous,we will arrange according to customers demand.