FKM Rubber Sheet

The Fluoroelastomer rubber sheet which exhibits excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, they also provide some of the best resistance to harsh chemicals like acids and alkalis. They also good resistance to petroleum-based oil and fuel like petrol, LPG or diesel.

They give resistance to mineral acids and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. They are also stable when exposed to harmful UV rays and therefore also resistant to the adverse effects of ozone. They are also virtually unaffected to weathering and is best suited for critical temperature sealing and corrosion protection applications.

Technical Parameter

PropertyTest StandardValue
Curing System Bisphenol curing system
Density (g/cm³) 1.98 ±0.05
Hardness (Shore A)ASTM D224075 ±5
Tensile Strength (MPa)ISO 376
Elongation at Break (&)ISO 37≥200
Compression set after 22h at 175℃ (%)IOS 815-1≤55
Working temperature 

-20℃ ~ 205℃
(*Intermittent work up to 250℃)


PropertyTest StandardValue
∆ Hardness after 70h at 150℃ (Shore A)ASTM D573≤10
∆ Tensile strength after 70h at 150℃ (%)ASTM D573≤10
∆ Elongation at break after 70h at 150℃ (%)ASTM D573≤-25

Oil Resistance

PropertyTest StandardValue
Oli IRM 901, ∆ volume after 70h at 150℃ (%)ASTM D471≤2
Oli IRM 903, ∆ volume after 70h at 150℃ (%)ASTM D471≤5

Chemical Resistance

Diluted acids and basesConcentrated acids and basesOzoneOil and hydrocarbons

Available Size

Length30m below
Available ColorBlace, Brown, Red, Green

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