Synthetic Rubber

Mainly used in the industrial field, cutting washers, gaskets and O-rings or for laying on the ground. Different materials have different functions.

EPDM Rubber Sheet

Gaskets or washers cutting for general industrial purpose applications in contact with water, oxidizing, and non-oxidizing dilute acids.

Pre-vulcanized Butyl Liner

Butyl rubber has good corrosion resistance and protects equipment from solution corrosion, and is used in the chemical industry and other fields.

Silicone Rubber

Non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent heat resistance. Industrial grade, food grade, medical grade silicone meet different needs.

Anti-slip Mat

Our anti-slip mat has the most patterns, and can be customized in color and size. And we can make new molds for buyers.

Electrical Insulated Mat

Usually made of NR or SBR, different insulation coefficients can be customized. Can protect equipment, vehicles or workbenches.

Rubber Mats for Livestock

Agriculture rubber sheets can protect animals from ground damage, reduce the risk of skin diseases, and increase production.

Rubber Products for Mining

We provide pulley lagging, rubber liner, skirt board strip and other products for the mining industry to protect the equipment from sand and gravel wear.

EPDM Sponge Sheet

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, excellent UV resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance. Mainly used for sound insulation and shock absorption.

Sandwich Rubber

Sandwich Rubber can be used as a belt cleaning device on either side conveyor belt to wipe off dust and wet slurry’s to avoid carry back and build upon rollers.

Fluoroelastomer Rubber

Fluoroelastomers are particularly valued for their excellent heat stability (200°C+) and resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals.

PVC Strip Curtain

Used in industrial and commercial environments, such as cold storage, warehouses, etc. Transparent and colorful PVC are available.

FRAS Rubber Sheet

FRAS (Fire-Resistant, Anti-Static) rubber is a type of synthetic rubber sheet with excellent fire resistance and anti-static properties.

Rubber Compound

NR/SBR material. High-performance unvulcanized rubber compound, providing excellent wear resistance and elongation.

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