PVC Strip Curtain

  • Temperature Control:Reduce heat loss / Maintain cold air.
  • Improved visibility and access in both directions.
  • Capable of withstanding repeated impact from forklift trucks, pallet trucks and personnel.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Custom size and color.

Technical Parameter

Performance TestStandard Clear FormulaCold Formula
Hardness (Shore A)75±565±5
Brittle Point (Degrees C)Approx -35Approx -45
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)0.160.16
Vicat Softening Temp (℃)5048
Specific Heat Capacity (kj·kg·K)1.61.6
Falling Ball Impact Test (Degrees C)“-20 No Break“-40 No Break
Flexibility (Degrees C)“-20 No Break“-40 No Break
Water Absorption (%)0.20%0.20%
Tensile Stress (%)340420
Tearing Resistance (N/mm)5028
Reaction to FireSelf-extinguishingSelf-extinguishing
Sound Reduction (dB)>35>35
Light Transmittance (%)8686

Available Size

ColorTransparent, Clear Blue, Yellow, Red or Customized

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