Rubber flooring has many advantages, making it one of the best flooring options for places that require economics and durability (such as warehouses, workshops, outdoor, etc.). Today, rubber flooring has a variety of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. As a manufacturer, Sanhe Great Wall Rubber Co., Ltd. accepts a variety of styles to provide optimal solutions for different application scenarios.


The biggest advantage of rubber flooring is its ability to remain strong and flexible under all conditions. Normally maintained rubber flooring can be used for many years.

Easy to maintain

Rubber floors are easy to clean and maintain, and cleaning them usually requires only one wet mop. If you are not sure how to clean it, please contact us.


The rubber floor has a certain elasticity, and the bottom of the foot will be comfortable when people walk on it, reducing the fatigue caused by walking.


Most rubber flooring is highly resistant to moisture and is the best choice in places where moisture is required, such as warehouses and workshops.

Noise reduction

The elasticity of the rubber floor allows people to make a loud sound when walking around, and can also provide cushioning for dropped items and reduce damage.

Easy to install

Rubber flooring is one of the easiest to install floors and can be laid without the need for additional workers.


Rubber flooring can provide insulation options, which are important in certain applications to avoid danger.

Style option

Depending on your needs and application, we offer different colors and patterns, which match your needs very well.

Braid Pattern

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