Sandwich Rubber


– Unique three layers combination, excellent resistant to dry abrasion and high impact.
– Black outer layer providing scraping and cleaning effect, middle damping layer provides extra flexibility and impact resistance.
– The black outer layer protects the softer green middle layer to provide a durable and hard-wearing solution.


Sandwich Rubber mainly used in mining and industry. It can be used as a belt cleaning device on either side conveyor belt to wipe off dust and wet slurry’s to avoid carry back and build upon rollers.

Apply to: sand and gravel quarries, aggregate and cement industries, foundries, mechanical engineering, concrete plants, etc.

Technical Parameter

PropertyTest StandardValue
Polymer TypeNR/SBR
Hardness (Shore A)ASTM D224060/40/60 ±5
Tensile Strength (Mpa)ISO 3715
Elongation At Break (%)ISO 37≥400
Abrasion Resistance at 5N (mm³)ISO 4649:2017100~200
Density (g/cm³)ASTM D297 1.15±0.05(g/cm3)
Operating Temperature (℃)ISO 815-1-40℃/+100℃
Finish TypeBoth sides smooth
ColorBlack / Green / Black

Available Size


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